Warning :Resolutions Can Be Bad For You

As someone who is a self proclaimed ‘Selfologist’ and lover of questions, you’d thought I’d be all over the reflections and aspirations this time of year tends to focus upon. In fact, the very opposite can be true. With the constant bombardment of big picture demands, proclamations and past behaviour analysis, I can be completely…


I Got Caught Out Trying To Fit In

So I finally saw myself on the page in my last blog post and what did I do? I asked you the reader more questions: Where are you in your story? Are you screaming “Don’t go down there?” Are you waiting for the action to get started or trying to make sense of it all?…


What’s Your Story?

I wholeheartedly recommend  you watch this 5 min video – piece of art really :“A Story For Tomorrow” as recommended to be by Julie Macdonald.   It’s a beautiful, mini epic about a couple’s journey- quest across Patagonia. One pure shot of inspiration.   At the end the narrator (who is fabulous) asks the thought…


What Does Your Job Title Say About You?

Inevitably the question was asked “So what do you do?” The guy to my left mumbled something about organising a real ale tour since being made redundant, but that he had been an “Accountant.” The guy to my right talked about his time as a “Lawyer” before mentioning he was currently collaborating on an App…