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Putting your self out there for your next role, whether its a career move, bridge job or freelance contract can be tough. With real front line experience I’ve got your back providing practical step by step assistance, technique, support and encouragement.


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Not sure what you want? It’s all very well following your bliss as long as you know what it is? Feeling lost and a little overwhelmed? Your not alone, as a recruiter turned Selfologist I’m fascinated by the questions that can crack us open and bring us closer to who we are. This is my blog sharing the journey


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With over 14 years Recruitment experience both in-house and agency, I have recruited for companies such as Xerox, Thames Water, Axa, Lloyds, Orange, Dell, Microsoft, Fujitsu, BP, RAC, Syngenta right through to SMEs and start ups.I am a bit of a geek who keeps up to date with the latest internet sourcing techniques and perfecting my boolean strings. I can design assessments and also provide training to hiring managers.

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Hi I’m Sarah,

If you need to learn what it takes to get the job in today’s marketplace, recruit the right people for your organisation or perhaps clarify who you are and what exactly it is you’re looking for then you’re in the right place

As a firm believer in Karma, who is on her own journey to get to know herself better, I’d love to help you where I can.


  • "Sarah has been an incredible help to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She's highly trustworthy, keeps her word and works quickly and effectively. She has wonderful expert knowledge of her industry and is clearly passionate about it. She took a lot of time to help me and the results were fantastic. I would definitely work with Sarah again and recommend her to any of my friends or business associates. Sarah is also a very warm and approachable person who is completely honest and doesn't shy away from giving constructive feedback." //
    Learning & Development Specialist
  • Sarah was excellent in helping me to understand exactly what it was that I wanted from my next role. Thanks to Sarah I was able to be much more confident to turn interviews down that didn't meet my criteria, to be more concise in interviews and to ask the right questions to be sure it was the right role for me. In August I was offered a role that is exactly what I wanted, just 3 weeks after meeting with Sarah! //
    Group Human Resources Manager
  • "I met with Sarah, who kindly offered to provide me with some informal career coaching after deciding to leave an organisation after 7+ years of service. Although I had an idea of what direction my career would take next, Sarah really assisted me with drilling down into the detail of what the next role should comprise of, what it should not include and what type of organisation I would be more suited too, given the type of cultural environment I was seeking. I found my next opportunity within two weeks of meeting with Sarah and will definitely be in touch with her again, as a check point when I make my next move." //
    Career Mover


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