Standing Up To The Bully

My bully knows me really well. They know exactly what to say to inflict the most pain and the weakest areas to exploit. They know exactly when to say the words that will stop me in my tracks, unarm me and have the most impact. They know how hard I try and what my true…


Do You Have What It Takes To Say No?

I’ve been struggling with this one forever. I’ve been taught that love means sacrifice. Love means being there whatever. Putting others before yourself. So when I find myself unpacking the dishwasher for the umpteenth time this week, in a time when I’m not only working three client jobs, taking evening calls and trying to deliver…


Warning :Resolutions Can Be Bad For You

As someone who is a self proclaimed ‘Selfologist’ and lover of questions, you’d thought I’d be all over the reflections and aspirations this time of year tends to focus upon. In fact, the very opposite can be true. With the constant bombardment of big picture demands, proclamations and past behaviour analysis, I can be completely…